Best Fitness program Near me at the Best Gym

Fitness programs for men, fitness programs for women or any other fitness programs involve complete body workout, aerobic exercise, body conditioning, endurance, flexibility workout routines giving overall health fitness for all.

Fitness Programs near me at The Cronus Fitness, RT Nagar

Join the best fitness programs for women, men, senior citizens and children at the best gym in RT Nagar – The Cronus Fitness. Various fitness programs are well-tailored to meet the fitness goals of every individual. Easy to follow workout programs that are both fun and very effective for complete body exercise.

General Fitness Training Program

General fitness training program gives overall health fitness goals that is achieved by aerobic exercise, cardio workout plan, core strength, yoga, body conditioning, endurance, flexibility and balance.

Body sculpting/Body shaping at the Cronus Fitness Gym

Body sculpting or body shaping helps in toning your muscle with core strength training coupled with weight training programs. It gives the right shape for your body and conditions every muscle giving strength and endurance. Body sculpting helps you prevent bone loss.

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Weight Loss/Weight Gain Programs near me

Get the best weight loss program in the Gym – The Cronus Fitness that includes
  • Cardio Workout plan
  • HIIT
  • Circuit Training
  • Boxing
  • Elliptical trainer
  • CrossFit workout
  • Stairmaster
  • Stationary Bike
  • Treadmill

Personal trainer at Cronus Fitness Gym, will analyze your vital statistics and give you step-by-step easy to follow workout routine for weightloss or weightgain including nutrition and diet. You will start falling in love with your new look.

Back Problems Fitness program

Support your spine relieving your back pain. Cronus Fitness personal trainer will teach you with some of the best back problem fitness programs that are easy to follow achieving quick long-term solution to your back pain.

Quick start back problem fitness exercise includes
  • Wall sits
  • Hamstring stretches
  • Yoga Asanas
  • Bird Dog
  • Pelvic tilts
  • Bridge exercise
  • Weight training for lower back pain relief

Cardiovascular Fitness program

Cardiovascular fitness programs are designed to increase your overall stamina, control cholesterol and blood pressure levels, improve flow of blood, burn extra calories for ideal BMI. Cardio training includes aerobic exercise, jogging, running, rhythmic workout plans, HIIT and workout routine for great functionality of heart and lungs.

Bodybuilding - Develop 6 pack abs with right supervision

Bodybuilding improves body health, mind and mental health, decreased heart disease and muscle build. At Cronus Fitness, we have personal trainers who can train you for Bodybuilding depending on your persona and your fitness goals. Bodybuilding reduces stress and anxiety giving you increased energy levels. It also helps with Good Nutrition intake.

Gym Ball workouts at the Gym, The Cronus Fitness

Gym ball workouts helps in body stability, correct body posture, good workout for abdominal and pelvic region. Ball exercise increase flexibility and overall shape to your body. It can give you relief from back problems too.

Exercises on Gym stability ball includes
  • Squats
  • Chest Press
  • Lunges
  • Hamstring curl
  • Push-ups
  • Shoulder press

Women Specific Fitness programs near me

At The Cronus Fitness, RT Nagar – we have the best women workout routine and fitness programs including weightlifting, weight loss, weight gain, strength training, complete body workout, body shape training, Zumba and other top fitness programs for women. Personal trainer talks to you about your fitness goals and prepares a list of fitness programs that is easy to follow and gives quick long- term results.

Talk to our Gym trainers about your fitness requirements and we come up with best workout plan for women that will give you the body and look that you had always dreamt about.

Fitness Programs exclusive for Corporate Members

The Cronus Fitness have designed exclusive fitness programs for the working community. Working community or the upcoming millennials need quick solution to their fitness goals as they have time constraint.

Well-certified with years of experience in formulating a good workout plan that conditions your body and gives a healthy lifestyle - our fitness experts know the right set of exercise and workout routines that can be even followed at workplace.

Fitness Programs for Family at The Cronus Fitness Gym in RT Nagar

We have a complete workout routine for the entire Family that can be both fun and energizing achieving your fitness goals faster. Group workout plan or individual workout plan are easy to follow exercise routines that keeps the entire family fit and fine. Call 9686762114/72 to know about fitness programs for family at best affordable rates in The Cronus Fitness Gym.

Children Fitness Programs

With the emerging millennial lifestyle, it is very important that our children get the right body conditioning to face the day to day challenges in their academic and social environment.

Cronus Fitness Gym at RT Nagar, gives you the right Children Fitness programs for all age group of Children. Each child is having their own fitness goals that


Improve your muscle elasticity and gain flexibility for your body with the best Stretching exercises at our Gym.

Top stretching exercise for body flexibility

  • Hamstring Stretch
  • Thigh stretches
  • Neck and shoulder stretch
  • Upper back – lower back stretches
  • Bicep-tricep stretch